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Fitness Q and A - Knee trouble while squating?


Hey Henry,

I have a question brewing; During Squats my knee like to move during the movement. To decrease that tendency, would it be helpful to implement a series of unilateral squat exercises in addition to squats? Or even isometric/balance exercises(wall sit, or isometric with the TRX/Rings)? Basically, what can I do outside of training to decrease the tall girl ‘knee wobble’.



Seattle, WA


Elyse -

That's actually a great question Elyse. So yes - the best way to combat "knee wobble" is going to be supplementing iso-lateral movements into your lower body workout - things like single legged ladder drills, single leg squats (assisted w/ TRX, Rings, etc), and split jumps. If you are going to integrate isometric exercises, then I would recommend also using an Airex Pad or Half Ball.

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