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Northwest Born to Run Clinic and Workshop

Born to Run Northwest Shoe


Join us at the Northwest Flagship in Coos Bay for the Born to Run workshop and run clinic. This all ages clinic is designed for athletes of all ages and levels.

For youth athletes and casual runners we will be offering easy to integrate warm-ups and drills to make running more effective and enjoyable.

For the more advanced recreational and competitive runners our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will be conducting gait analysis as well as mobility tools that can take your skills to the next level.

In addition to a great learning environment, all of our clinic participants will have the opportunity to purchase a pair of our Northwest Born to Run shoes for $35. The high performance shoe is the next evolution of performance running footwear, with 100% of the proceeds going to fund local scholarships and bring athletic expertise and equipment to low income, rural, and native populations.

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