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As a Northwest Fitness and Northwest Speed School Intern, you will work with nationally certified sports performance specialists who train top high school, collegiate and professional athletes. You’ll be trained in the same systems that produce these world-class results and get the skills needed to far exceed others in the field of sports performance. This experience provides great hands-on education, as well as can serve as a launching pad into future career opportunities.


As part of your Northwest Speed School internship, you’ll participate in lectures and practical sessions including but are not limited to:


Program design


Acceleration and Absolute Speed

Multidirectional movement

Energy System Development (ESD)

Olympic lifting practical

Testing and Increasing VO2 Max

Power and performance testing practical

Nutrition methodology



Interns will participate, observe, and coach various phases of athletic performance, athletic rehabilitation, and youth athlete training. This experience is invaluable for those looking to specialize in the fields of personal training, sports performance, athletic training, and physical therapy.



In addition to education opportunities, interns will participate in an intensive 6-week program at our world-class facility. The goal of this intensive program is to gain first-hand knowledge and experience of the benefits Northwest Speed School’s strategies provide in increasing strength, speed, and agility.


This is an unpaid academic internship that lasts approximately 6 weeks, with start and stop dates that are flexible to accommodates the different reporting times of various programs.


Applicants will have their hours divided into several different shifts, with each athlete participating in 4-6 hours of training, coaching, observing or independent study Mon. – Thurs. with an optional Sat. Interns are required a minimum of 60 hours to be considered for successful completion of the program, with the option to participate in up to 120 hours over the course of their internship. Below is an example of what one week’s schedule could look like –



6 A.M. – Strength and Conditioning Observation

7 A.M. – Plyometrics and Acceleration “Do and Learn” Group Practicum

12 P.M. – Youth Sports Performance Instruction Hour

1 P.M. – Olympic Lifting Progressions “Do and Learn” Group Practicum

5 P.M. – Nutrition Methodology Independent Study



12 P.M. – Youth Sports Performance Instruction Hour

1 P.M. – Sprint Mechanics “Do and Learn” Group Practicum

4 P.M. – Olympic Lifting Progressions Assistant Instruction Hour

5 P.M. – Fundamentals of Deadlifting “Do and Learn” Group Practicum



8 A.M. – One-on-One breakout/recap with Coach Delaney



7 A.M. – Coaching Strength and Conditioning for General Populations Observation

9 A.M. – NSCA CEU Course 0.1 – 0.4hrs

12 A.M. – Controlled Articular Rotations and Injury Prevention “Do and Learn” Practicum


Application Process and Requirements


APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED EACH YEAR FROM JANUARY 1 - MAY 20TH. To apply, provide a cover letter, resume, and references via email to You can find all available internships for Northwest Fitness and Northwest Speed School at the bottom of this page or by searching for "Internships" on the site. Selected interns will be notified two weeks after the application deadline date of MAY 20th. Those not selected will not be notified.

Qualifications and Requirements

  1. MUST be 18 years or older and hold a valid U.S. Driver’s license.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to receive college credit for the internship.

  3. Currently participating in collegiate sports at the NJCAA, NAIA, OR NCAA level (HS Seniors Accepted with verified letter of commitment.)

  4. A number of the activities conducted within the program will REQUIRE vigorous activity, including max effort lifts, Sprinting, VO2 Max Calibration, etc. Applicants should be prepared to participate in such activity.

  5. Relevant educational background such as exercise science, anatomy, bio-mechanics, or athletic training with relevant course work (anatomy and physiology, nutrition, statistics) is preferred.

  6. CPR/First Aid Certification must be complete and current at time of internship.

  7. Available to commit to a minimum of 60hrs of internship over 6 weeks from June – August.


Note: Internships are currently only open to U.S. domestic students.

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