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Workouts shouldn't just be challenging, but functional and fun! As we get older, personal fitness becomes more about enabling ourselves to do the recreational activities that we love -- this is where functional training has the potential to yield the greatest results.

As a team, we work closely to ensure that each client recieves a comprehensive and dynamic approach to fitness. It is our philosophy that to keep fitness exciting and engaging it is essential to set long-term fitness goals with clients, while still having short-term goals within our daily workouts goals, establishing and keeping momentum while you make your fitness journey.


Personal training doesn’t necessarily have be one-on-one, the most important feature is that it is personal to you and your goals. In the spirit of redefining personal training, we’ve launched Semi-Private Personal Training programs for those who want to incorporate the benefits of a professional fitness coach but need a more budget friendly option to pursue their goals.

Semi-Private training groups are tailored to be highly personalized and designed to help you to achieve your goals, prevent injury, address strength and flexibility imbalances, with the camaraderie and motivation of likeminded participants. To maximize the ability of our trainers to provide safe and effective programming, we limit each semi-private training session to 6 participants.

Group Ropes.jpg

Community Motivation + Personalized workouts + Expert Instruction = Accelerated Results.

Bring a few friends and form your own Semi-Private Personal Training session time or choose from a variety of groups already in session. You’ll find the excitement, energy and accountability you’ve experienced in other “group fitness” classes, but that we’ve taken it to another level by employing customization and our unique Northwest Fitness philosophy.

As a personal training client, you’ll learn a lot about your personal health and fitness during your first visit. We will:

• Explain the philosophies behind our methods

• Orient you with the private studio environment

• Perform a Chronic Pain Review

• Guide you through an introductory workout

• Perform a Goals Assessment and Fitness Consultation


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