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Workouts shouldn't just be challenging, but functional and fun! As we get older, personal fitness becomes more about enabling ourselves to do the recreational activities that we love -- this is where functional training has the potential to yield the greatest results.

As a team, we work closely to ensure that each client recieves a comprehensive and dynamic approach to fitness. It is our philosophy that to keep fitness exciting and engaging it is essential to set long-term fitness goals with clients, while still having short-term goals within our daily workouts goals, establishing and keeping momentum while you make your fitness journey.



Range of motion is an important issue often addressed by chiropractors and physical therapists. However, for many athletes’ their methodical approach and limited environments leave these practitioners falling short of the results desired by clients who want an aggressive approach to the rehabilitation or injury prevention experience. Whether it’s knee, back or even from abdominal surgery, there is common tendency not to move the area and let nature heal it on its own. Though counterintuitive, this is often the last thing the patient should be doing.

Lack of movement through active ranges of motion will often cause minor injuries or recently repaired injuries to set up for extra pain and even more limitations. Clients need to stay motivated to get healthy again and that means get moving as soon as possible. Fear and pain get in the way, but an inactive joint will often encourage the formation of more inflammation, the breakdown of joint tissues, and even arthritis. It is our approach that movement is the most important variable in recovery and preventing further injury. The sooner an athlete can get moving, the sooner they can get back to their former routine of strength and health, and the active lifestyle they have become accustomed to.

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