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Professional Approach 


After graduating college in 1998, I started work in banking and lending with Bank of America and Columbia Bank in the Pierce County area.  I worked some of the hardest years of my life, meeting sales numbers and goals for the bank while trying to help people in all different stages of life. Yet, I just couldn’t find a way to meet both sales numbers and deliver what was truly best for my clients at the same time.  I was left very unfulfilled and decided it was time to make a change, move to Seattle and pursue a new career.  While taking classes, I also worked as a personal trainer at my local gym.  It was then that I realized my years of athletic experience, my passion for fitness and my affinity for physics and biomechanics added up to a career helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and, more than anything, understand how to move properly.  


I worked at Downtown Seattle 24Hour Fitness for a year and a half, maxing out all of my training certifications before I left to start my own business in Magnolia as Power Up Personal Training in late 2007.  I started out as a general fitness and exercise trainer helping clients develop active lifestyles and gradually began to work into the sports performance arena that was becoming so popular at time.   As I continued to work with athletes and non-athletes alike, it became increasingly obvious how injury was always a set back for so many people with sports performance goals.  I began to focus on instructing clients how to load their movements more efficiently to avoid the injury cycle created by compensation and overuse.

I started to seek out active individuals who were tired of pain and discomfort or who had not found success with Physical Therapy.   My goal from that point has been to teach and empower clients to understand why they are susceptible to specific movement patterns via repetitive movement compensations, limb and/or torso proportions, trauma or structural abnormalities diagnosed by their physician.  When a client understands why a specific drill, exercise or stretch is important AND when taught how to execute the movement properly, then the healing processes can begin: a little movement turns into greater and greater functional activity.   A client with less pain will naturally move more, improving quality of life as well as overall health.  It’s my job to get you functionally fit and capable of conquering whatever your fitness goal may be.

B.A. Business Administration 

Western Washington University





First Aid/CPR/AED

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Northwest Speed School 

Youth Sports Performance Coach

2010 - present

2010 - present






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