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NW Fitness Partners with the CBCL

If you know me, you know that I don’t just “like” baseball. I really, truly, love baseball. This is only exemplified by the fact that my dogs Mickey, Roger, and George, are all named after Yankee greats (Mantle, Maris, and Ruth). My love for baseball started when I was young. For me, like so many other kids, baseball was the first organized sport that I participated in. Growing up in an area as rural as Chiloquin, OR, our Babe Ruth League baseball program was very small. We were only able to field 3 teams, but for 12 year olds it didn’t matter, it just meant that each week was a “rivalry”. Looking back, some of my greatest sports memories are of my father coaching my little league team and the rivalry games of the Train Mountain White Sox at Spinx Park.

One of the things that makes Little League unique, is that it is organized locally on a volunteer basis and nearly wholly funded by donations from local businesses. In today’s current sports landscape; programs geared towards “elite” year round travel teams, coaches encouraging single sport specialization, and “professional” club coaches charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for participation - preserving the spirit of youth baseball is perhaps more important than ever. There are few other youth programs that make sports accessible to kids that might not otherwise have a chance to participate.

The impact that little league made on me was immeasurable and for that reason Northwest Fitness is excited to announce its partnership with the Coos Bay Coastal League (CBCL) and continued sponsorship of the Babe Ruth League. In addition to contributing a financial donation as a name sponsor, Northwest Fitness, in conjunction with Coos Bay Coastal League, will host the CBCL Prospect Camp. With one half of all proceeds returning to fund the CBCL and Babe Ruth League charities.

The CBCL Prospect Camp will be an opportunity for youth baseball players in the “Majors” division of little league to experience the same talent evaluation tools used at the highest levels of baseball. For highly competitive players, it’s a chance to see how they stack up against the best of the best, for other athletes it will be a chance to learn some tips on how they can improve their game, but for all participants it will be a great opportunity to have a “big league” experience.

For more information or to register for the CBCL Prospect Camp ... CLICK HERE

To inquire about how Northwest Fitness can host a Prospect Camp for your Little League organization contact

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