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Healthy Recipes - Banana Almond Ice Cream

Everything in moderation means that we don't need to cut dessert out - just change our approach a little. This a great recipe that is simple, easy to modify and a great way to combat those nasty sugar cravings. Perhaps best of all, you only need frozen bananas and raw almonds!

Step 1:

In your food processor, blend raw almonds into creamy, smooth texture (to make a nut butter).

Remove most of the nut butter (leave some in the processor)

Step 2:

Add in your frozen chopped banana. Pulse! Blend the banana until creamy and smooth. Add in a little extra nut butter (if needed) as well as any other fun ingredients* and blend.

* Optional Extras to add: Unsweetened coconut flakes + 1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder Stir in a handful of raisins Frozen cherries + vanilla extract + chocolate chunks Peppermint oil + dark chocolate chips Strawberries

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