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The Speed Academy's Prep Multi-Sport training program will focus on Linear Speed, Lateral Speed, Change of Direction, interactive games and drills. Our goal is to educate the Athletes on proper speed mechanics and drills to improve overall running technique. Various forms of training equipment will be utilized to enhance speed development, conditioning, coordination, and body control, usually wrapped up with some kind of structured play.

Preps is designed for athletes that have not yet reached the biological maturity required for traditional strength training (generally ages 8 -12). 

For all of our programs we ask that athletes arrive no earlier that 10 minutes before their session start time and have arrangements for pick up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of their time at the facility. Athletes need to come prepared to participate, they should have eaten within an hour of arrival and stay focused on the tasks we are executing. Our primary goal is to provide an environment where every participant can get the most out of their time in the facility.

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