Healthy approaches to nutrition

We have a pretty simple philosophy with nutrition.  You are what you eat!  Think about all the variables that occur in your everyday life.  The one thing you have complete control over is what you feed your body to be lean, strong, and vibrant.  Our philosophy is built on a simple idea - Have a plan.

We want to give you the basics of physiology and metabolism.  Our metabolism works in a very predictable and specific way.  Under periods of low calories and stress, it slows down and stores everything we eat.  Under periods of high calorie intake and stress, same thing.  We help you find the balance of eating well, eating to lose body fat and not starve yourself into those jeans, and maintain lean muscle mass, our most metabolically active tissue in our bodies.  Our plan is to get you on the correct plan, eating the right stuff, and learning healthy sustainable lifestyle changes that will allow you to be lean, healthy, and full of ENERGY!

Be Consistent:

Weight loss happens over time.  Consistency is critical to your plan, and making a conscious effort to stick to it is really the challenge of your plan.  But we will help you with any obstacles along the way.  How to eat heathy at a restaurant, eating consistently throughout your day, having a plan in a crunch.  Consistency is your second key to success.

Be Accountable:

We want to provide you with all the tools necessary for success.  Our support system will help you be accountable, and just realize that set backs are going to happen.  When it does, you have to get back up and get back on track.  We are here to help you 100% with all of your health and fitness goals.

Strength Training:

Muscle is very metabolically active.  Research shows adding just one pound of muscle to your body burns an average of an extra 50-100 calories per day!!  This is a great way to think about your strength training and lean muscle.  It is a metabolic booster!!  And it makes all other things throughout your day a little easier, and little lighter, and your body will be a lot leaner and stronger in the long run.  Lean muscle is a huge key to your success.

All calories are not created equal!  The surgeon general advises that we eat from specific food groups throughout the day.  We suggest it is much more simple than that.  Know your fats, proteins, and carbohydrates,  Have your plan, stick to it, hit the gym, and be accountable.  We will guarantee your success.  Be healthy, be lean, be vibrant!






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