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Jose Rizal Park Stairs

Dr. Jose Rizal Park has an amazing view of south Downtown and Elliott Bay.  The park is located near the Beacon Hill neighborhood but is a great place to take a short drive to due to it's awesome 9 acre off-leash dog park. If you have a furry four legged running partner this staircase is a must. These are big burly stairs made from old railroad ties and back filled with gravel, so a stable, thick soled shoe is recommended.




  • From Western Ave. turn East on Yesler Way.

  • Follow Yesler Way and 12th Ave S. to S. Charles St.

  • Slight right onto 12th Ave. S. - Park on West side of  street at 1008 12th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98144

  • Stairs are inside gated dog park and continue in a long arc until meeting the open field area.






The "888", named after it's 8 sets of 88 stairs, a killer sprint workout located within a gated off-leash dog park, is a great opportunity to let your furry friends get into 5th gear. This workout is not rocket science, just put your head down and drive those knees high, up all 88 steps. The height and depth of the steps will limit the ability of some to take multiple steps in a single stride but for those up to the challenge the following is recommended.


ODD 88's (sets 1,3,5,7) - Single stair steps driving knees within 15 degrees of parallel to the hip.

EVEN 88's (sets 2,4,6,8) - Double stair steps. The focus should be to keep your chest in front of your hips, avoiding overstride and keeping your body at a 45 degree angle.



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