Intro to Women's Strength


Our Intro to Women’s Strength class is tailored to fit the needs of women with varying fitness levels. From those who are just getting started on their path to fitness as well as for those who are looking for some guidance to push them up and over the plateau they have hit working out on their own. Our small groups provide an ideal work-out setting, enough peers to make it fun but not so many that you get lost in the crowd. Each individual receives guidance on how to maneuver through exercises to ensure proper form and technique. This means no injuries and more bang for your buck with each exercise.


Introduction to Women's Strength is a part of our punchcard program or available on a drop-in basis for $20/class. To create a fun, safe environment, and maximize your results we require that all class participants complete a complimentary fitness orientation. For more inforation or to schedule your complimentary fitness evaluation please EMAIL US