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I-5 Colonnade Stairs

Colonnade Park is located in the open space beneath I-5, in an area south of E. Howe St between Lakeview Blvd and Franklin Ave E. Completed in December 2005, it includes an off-leash dog area, stairs to make pedestrian connections between Eastlake and Capital Hill, and a mountain bike course.




  • From Eastlake Ave. E.

  • Turn East (toward I-5) on Howe St

  • Look up the hill and you will see 3 sets of stairs. Section underneath the freeway is spaced, leading to steeper more coninuous stairs.






FIRST SET OF STAIRS: From the bottom, go up 118 stairs (with several landings in between). The first landing has a couple of picnic tables and the first set of stairs ends on Lakeview Blvd E and Howe. Cross Lakeview at the crosswalk if you’d like to start the second set of stairs.


SECOND SET OF STAIRS: Go up 188 stairs (there are a couple of interesting gardens when you first start out). The second set of stairs ends at Broadway and Howe. Cross Broadway (carefully due to traffic) to get to the third set of stairs.


THIRD SET OF STAIRS: Go up 85 stairs and the third set of stairs ends on 10th Ave E.


TOTAL SET OF STAIRS (one-way): 391 stairs

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