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Heather Delaney

Health and Fitness Expert


Tel: 541.601.0025

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Professional Approach 

My goal is to make exercise more than something that you do, instead making it a tool that enables you to participate in all the activities life has to offer. By using program designs with full body exercises, strength training, plyometrics, and cardio, creating functional fitness that will allow you to go on that hike with your family or participate in a softball league with friends with confidence.


These days some of my favorite fitness activities are running and cycling. Aside from providing your strength conditioning, I also organize peer groups of all abilities for running and cycling. If your goal happens to be running a 10K, I can design a program for that! We’ll work in the gym strengthening the appropriate muscles and then hit the road to test out our work.



B.S. Biology

Southern Oregon University 

Ashland, Oregon 

Post Graduate Work

Portland State University

Portland, Oregon


2010 - present


U.S.A.T.F - LVL 1 Coach

2010 - present

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