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Golden Gardens Stairs

It starts at the edge of the Loyal Heights neighborhood and descends 287 steps to Golden Gardens beach, with glorious views of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound from there. The elevation gain is roughly 325 feet and most of it feels like it’s straight up. This is likely because the horizontal distance from the bottom of the trail to the top is only 800 feet, that's a 42% grade!




  • From Ballard head toward Golden Gardens Park. 

  • Take Seaview Ave along the marina.

  • Pass under the Rail bridge and pick-up a trail about 30 yards on the East side of the road.

  • Take the switch backs and stairs up a 325 ft elevation gain.

  • You’ll leave the woods by Cafe Fiore, then head east on 80th to close the loop.




This staircase has a number of short flights and open landings. A great way to approach it is to break it into a number of shorts sprints. Depending on the athlete, they can be broken down by flight (80-120 continuous stairs, then taking a breather at end of each flight) or into "Sprint and Steps" (a hard sprint up 25-50 steps followed by walking the remainder of the flight.


A good goal when doing sprints or sprint and steps is to get 5-10 total sets of sprints or 250-500 stairs. If you are using the Golden Gardens Stairs then you are looking at to complete trips to the top.

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