Red Wine Makes Me Happy

It’s pretty widely known that red wine in moderation is good for heart health. To point out the chemistry is essentially six degrees of Kevin Bacon for bio-chem, but you can follow this link to some of the latest research. If reading clinical research isn't your thing, the long and short of it is that red wine is loaded with anti-oxidants. So red wine is good for the heart, it’s rich in anti-oxidants, and it tastes good … kind of soun...

January 21, 2015

Hitting the Sweet Spot


The Sweet Spot is the effort zone just below threshold, where you get maximum aerobic benefit with minimum stress on your body, also commonly referred to as the Training Heart Rate (THR). Endurance and interval training within the sweet spot, is the most effective way to increase your ability to train faster, longer and easier. Try to maintain 75-80% percent of your threshold effort. You should be able to talk, but only in short state...

To juice or not to juice? A quick search online will have you believing juice will cure all sorts of ailments from cancer, by increasing your consumption of antioxidants, to obesity, by limiting your caloric intake while still providing nutrients (Ruxton 2008). While consuming juice does provide the body with antioxidants and other vital nutrients, there are more effective and healthier means to incorporate these into your body.


The most important factor mi...

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