Heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and diabetes, are just a few of the many health risks associated with being overweight; which means that more than two thirds of the US population is at risk. For most folks the solution isn’t rocket science – eat less, move more, lose weight – but that can be more challenging and nuanced than it sounds.


Knowing what we need to restrict our calories to and how many calories we burn during exercise can be diff...


Nike is the king of the athletic shoe world. They make a shoe for just about everything and do a damn good job at it. The Nike Free is their venture back into the minimalist style of running shoe (their first shoe, the Cortez, had only a very slight heel rise). The Free comes in three similar models, the 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0. Each version comes with their own heel to toe drop and varying color schemes and styles. The commonality is the deep siping making for...

My first impression of this shoe was "It doesn't really look like a Reebok" The ZQuick is one of the only Reebok models forgo the CrossFit branding or their classic logo and instead discreetly displays their new red delta towards the back of the shoe.


The Reebok Women's ZQuick TR Lux GT Cross-Training Shoe features a mesh upper "NanoWeb" system (this is the pink part that zigs and zags around the shoe adding support). When tested I found that it...

Every runner has experienced the dreaded side ache. Sometimes the pain is mild, you slow down, make adjustments, and work through it, sometimes it is debilitating and forces you to quit. There are many theories to explain the source of runner’s side stitch. Here, the two most conclusive ideas are discussed.


Peritoneum irritation is the cause of most side aches in runners. The parietal peritoneum is made up of layers of tissue lining the abdominal wall, visc...

June 5, 2015

Many of the fitness programs that are out there today like Crossfit, Insanity, or H.I.I.T. are centric to an AMRAP philosophy (doing as many repetitions as possible within the prescribed time limit). These programs are popular, and it’s no wonder. As you are muddling through your 25th clean and jerk in a minute you are really going to feel your workout.


There are a number of conversations and debates that support and contradict the effective use of AMRAP as...

January 21, 2015

Hitting the Sweet Spot


The Sweet Spot is the effort zone just below threshold, where you get maximum aerobic benefit with minimum stress on your body, also commonly referred to as the Training Heart Rate (THR). Endurance and interval training within the sweet spot, is the most effective way to increase your ability to train faster, longer and easier. Try to maintain 75-80% percent of your threshold effort. You should be able to talk, but only in short state...

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