Join us at the Northwest Flagship in Coos Bay for the Born to Run workshop and run clinic. This all ages clinic is designed for athletes of all ages and levels.

For youth athletes and casual runners we will be offering easy to integrate warm-ups and drills to make running more effective and enjoyable.

For the more advanced recreational and competitive runners our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists will be conducting gait analy...



4x Far West League All-Conference Selection

3x North Bend HS MVP

Amanda was already and accomplished high school athlete when she first came to Northwest in the fall of 2017. Aspiring for a future career in nursing, and a desire to stay close to her family on the south coast, the universities where she could pursue both a collegiate athletic career and her dream profession were few.

Entering her senior season without any offers, Amanda c...

McKenna Wilson


2017 All-State Selection 

2018 All-State Selection 


2018 All-League Selection 

Track & Field

2017 State Placer :

     - High Jump

     - 200m 

     - 300m Hurdles

We have had the opportunity to work with McKenna Wilson since our very first free clinics in Coos Bay. As a three sport athlete in all four years at Coquille HS, Ms. Wilson has been a fixture of the Red Devil program. As a volleyball pla...

Sailor Hutton 

Cross Country:

2015 Class 3A/2A/1A Individual State Champion

2016 Class 3A/2A/1A Runner-up

2017 Class 3A/2A/1A Runner-up

2018 Class 3A/2A/1A Runner-up

Track & Field:

2015 Class 3A/2A/1A 1500m State Champion

2015 Class 3A/2A/1A 3000m State Champion

2016 Class 3A/2A/1A 1500m State Champion

2016 Class 3A/2A/1A 3000m State Champion

2017 Class 3A/2A/1A 1500m State Champion

2017 Class 3A/2A/1A 3000m State Champion

Everyone here at Northwest Fitness is excited t...

While pitching in a game the summer of his freshman year Jake Simmons had a non-contact break of the humerus. After several months and methods of recovery, Northwest Fitness help him to an MVP performance.

All sports carry an inherent risk. As an athlete, parent, or coach this is a factor that must be considered no matter the activity. What is important is how we manage that risk, and that we take steps to mitigate those risks when we have the opportunity. How can we best do this?

All my life I have been a lover of sport. Sport, in its many variations, has afforded me an education, friends, travel, my adult career, and largest investments. Along with my wife, sport has truly been the great love of my life. Looking back on my athletic career, as not just an athlete but also as a coach, each sport offered its own unique benefits and opportunities. No other sport had a greater effect on my athleticism, and more importantly my character...

October 13, 2016

Northwest Speed School is excited to announce an upcoming joint fundraiser to benefit Henley High School and USA Wrestling, with the Hornet Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Clinic.

The 3hr workshop, to be held in the Henley High School Wrestling Room, is an opportunity for coaches and athletes from throughout the area to work with Nationally renowned strength coach Henry Delaney. Delaney, who has spent time with the Seahawks, Mariners, and University of...

September 7, 2016

We are very proud to announce that through our recently established a 501(c)3 foundation The Northwest Speed School, we were able to procure a gracious donation of shoes and apparel from our performance partners at Newton Running and Tracksmith for the Coquille HS Cross Country Team.

We are excited for the Red Devil’s upcoming season. As a show of our continued support, Northwest Speed School will be presenting at the RUN LIKE A DEVIL Middle Distance Worksh...

Red Wine Makes Me Happy

It’s pretty widely known that red wine in moderation is good for heart health. To point out the chemistry is essentially six degrees of Kevin Bacon for bio-chem, but you can follow this link to some of the latest research. If reading clinical research isn't your thing, the long and short of it is that red wine is loaded with anti-oxidants. So red wine is good for the heart, it’s rich in anti-oxidants, and it tastes good … kind of soun...

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