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Beacon Hill Stair Maze

The giant tract of land south of downtown between I-5 and Rainier Valley is known as Beacon Hill, most people recognize it by the old red brick veteran’s hospital that sits atop its peak. Beacon Hill has about 15 different staircases that run along the east slope that vary from 50-161 stairs. The "Stair Maze" is our preferred route due to it's minimal traffic and continuity of stairs.




  • From Rainier Ave S. turn West on S. Massachusetts

  • Start stairs at 17th Ave S. and S. Massachusetts

  • At the top of the stairs go North on Sturgus Ave S.

  • Turn West uphill on S. Atlantic St. and continue to S. Atlantic St. and 15th Ave S.






The Maze Runner is geared toward expanding your workout to include all the different phases of sprint training, including stairs, overspeed, intervals, and plyometrics. This workout does not include a warm-up, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that athletes warm-up completely before participating in any kind of sprint training.


17th Ave S. to S. Massachusetts St. - Single stair high knees. Keep chest up high, focusing on driving chest UP more than FORWARD (68 Steps)


1st Stairs to Corner of S. Atlantic St. and Sturgus Ave. S. - This is the top of a dead end street with pretty much no traffic. Clearly it's important to use caution, but most hours athletes can train comfortably down the right side of the street. This stretch is roughly 150M with about a 4% downhill grade. Sprint the first 100M with the goal of running as fast as you can while staying upright. Brake gently with roughly 50M left until overspeed sprint slows to jog.


S. Atlantic St. and Sturgus Ave. S to 2nd Stairs - With a 100M straight stretch at an 8% grade divide this into 10x10yard interval sprints. Each sprint should be allowed 10-15 seconds rest between.


2nd Stairs to S. Atlantic St. and Sturgus Ave. S. - The first 30 steps of the second stairs wrap around with two landings and then go straight up 80 steps. Jogging up the first 30 steps, when you reach the bottom the the last 80 steps begin the following pattern :


Single Leg Single Stair Jumps x10 (Right Leg)

Two Foot Double Stair Jumps x10

Single Leg Single Stair Jumps x10 (Left Leg)

Single Stair Hopscotch to the top.


(118 Steps)


S. Atlantic St. and 15th to 17th Ave S. and Massachusetts St. - After reaching the top, at a brisk pace jog back the way that you came.


Repeat 4x

TOTAL SPRINT DISTANCE: Approximately 1/2 mile


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