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The Northwest Winter Baseball/Softball intensive is 16 hours of hitting, fielding, pitching and catching for youth athletes ages 8 – 17. Scheduled over the first week of Christmas break, this camp is a great opportunity for athletes to make the most of their time off school, with skill based training in a positive and productive environment.


Footwork Progressions: Athletes walk through a neuromuscular wake-up, using a number of sport specific footwork progressions. These progressions will serve as our primary dynamic warm-up, but applied repeatedly and over a longer duration have the ability to serve as a stand-alone recovery workout. 



Cage Time: Whether you’re 8 or almost 18, our Rawlings Pro-Line 3-wheel machines are a great tool to dial in your swing. Camp coaches will use progressive drills to dial in each players swing, culminating in live batting practice in one of our two full size, true speed, cages.


Hitting, Catching, Fielding, and Pitching Experts: With collegiate players from every position, athletes will have the opportunity to focus on their positional skill set and the subtle tips and tricks that players utilize at the next level


Small groups, create better results:  

Our planned coach to player ratio is 5-1, giving each player the opportunity to work hands-on and get the one-on-one coaching that creates the best possible results.

Rehab and Prehab Strategies for Shoulder Health: All player will consult both in a group setting and individually with former MLB strength coach Henry Delaney. Each athlete will complete a throwing evaluation and be introduce to techniques designed to reduce the impact of repetitive movement.

Q and A – Wrap-Up: Coaches, athletes, and parents will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding any content covered within the workshop.

DATES: DECEMBER 18,19,20, & 21


TIME: 12PM - 4PM 


COST: $350 

AGES: 6 -17YRS 

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